Saturday, July 17, 2010

The dining room

These are some pics of the dining room. The top pictures are of the dining room before. We have a chair rail and Tom had sponge painted it like a greenish turquoise below, per his previous girlfriend. The table was also pine and pretty beat up. In the after we painted the bottom part of the chair rail a cappuccino brown color. Tom painted the dining room table and chairs black, and it was alot of work. The table was sanded first, then painted several times black. There are probably 7 coats of paint on the table! Tom is meticulous at whatever he does, I love him for that because I am so not like that. We got a fabulous area rug at Homegoods. The first time we saw it there it was over $300.oo, not a poor girl purchase, we waited a couple of months and got it for $125.00, it is shag and fab! I ordered the drum light on line it was $100.00 and worth it. The mirror on the wall is from Costco, I won a football pool at work years ago and bought that with no regrets. I would like to say on a side note that I know that $125 for the rug, and $100 for the light are a little pricey, but they are staples in the home. I'm not a professional decorator by any strech, but sometimes you do have to spend some money.

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