Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have a feeling I'm not in Vermont anymore

Oh my gosh yesterday was so crazy!!!! Tom, Adam, Noah and I were downstairs listening to the storm outside when suddenly I jumped and was like, "what was that?"Tom would say I screamed. Tom looked outside and we had a tree fall on our sun room. It was thundering and lighting outside and pouring!!! Tom wanted us all to get out of the house. We all jumped in the car in the pouring rain, and just got out of dodge. I didn't have my cell phone, baby bag, nothing. We drove around for a little while, trees were down everywhere. It looked like a Tornado ripped through our town. We never get severe weather in Vermont, we are actually lucky in that way. We ended up coming home when things calmed down, and noticed the sun room was in tact other then a 4000lb+ ash tree on it. We had some tree people come down and check it out, and they said it would cost $700.00 to get a crane out here and remove it. The tree was removed today, and to say it was a miracle that we had no damage is an understatement. The tree uprooted which made it come down slower then if it had split. God bless.

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  1. LOL... Welcome to South Florida! Isn't lovely? lol Stay safe!! (and dry!)

    :D Lynda


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