Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Range Hood

The kitchen is moving along nicely.  I am just sharing bits and pieces so I can have a major reveal to show.  I have a picture of the range hood we ordered.  This is it.
It isn't the hood we had originally ordered.  Tom really wanted a high CFM rating on the hood.  We found one that was 1000 CFM which was perfect, but when it arrived it had a huge dent in the front, and the touch screen was detached from the face.  It seemed like it was super glued on there.... bahhh bye.  It is important when you order stuff on line to check return policy information.  This stupid company is trying to make us pay to ship it back.  Yeah seriously get bent.  This hood looked like it was from the hood.  I hope this new hood comes in tack, it has 500 CFM.  So anyway...... here is the hood.

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