Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stendig Calendar

We finally got the Christmas stuff packed away, and I couldn't have been happier because I wanted to put up my new calendar.  I got the Stendig calendar.  I love it!!! I hung it over the mantel, because to be honest it was too big to go anywhere else.  It is really an art piece, and from what I have read it is the only calendar to be in the Museum of Modern Art.  It switches from a white background to a black background every other month.  When you are done with the month you can use the paper for gift wrapping.  Love it!  Here are some pics.

I also put an area rug we had in our bedroom in the living room, it really warms the space up.  I got that black and white striped throw at Ikea when I went in November so glad I did because it is AWESOME!

We really want to get new furniture, because these couches suck.  I am not a fan of the way they look, but more then that  they are ruining our backs.
I got a cowhide rug from Tom for Christmas that will be going in the dining room.  The glass table is so heavy that we need to have one of Toms friends to help.  Ughhh trying to be patient.  In other news it's our 3 year anniversary today, and we are going out! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You can still get a 2013 Stendig Calendar for $35+shipping from OOCK Green Design:


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