Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Horse Makeover

I am on a wicked horse kick right now.  I see them all over the decor blog world recently, and it's great because I love horses.  I went shopping with my Mom a couple weeks ago and picked up this horse sculpture at Homegoods   I loved it, but wanted to spray paint it white....I had a vision.

 When Tom saw it he was like, "very Marlboro".  That was so not the look I was going for. With that being said, it was time for the glossy white spray paint.  Here she is....

I love it!  It is a major statement piece.  (Whatever that means.)

Much better than the Marlboro country horse.

We had some drippage from the spray paint on the bottom base of the horse.  We were not sure if we could fix it or not.  I was like "hmmmm what to do?, maybe I should paint that part black, hmmmm"  and Tom was like, "hmmm you could put like a garter belt around the bottom"  I laughed so hard.  I wasn't sure if he was serious or not.  We fixed the drippage, damn I hate when that happens.

I love!!

Oh and Happy Fourth of July.... Love the fireworks!

Love our flag!

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