Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Wreath

Welcome to Heather's House of Burlap.  I feel an intervention coming.  So I went to the grocery story and bought one of those Christmas wreaths with the cheap red bow on it for $9.00, and did a change up.  First let me say how annoying is it when you drive somewhere to get something, and they don't have it.  I wanted to get some burlap garland that they had at Michael's, and of course they didn't have any.  I decided to go to the fabric store and buy some burlap and make my own.  The garland at Michael's was like $3.59 for not that much.  The fabric store wanted $2.99 a yard for burlap.  I bought 4 yards, and decided to cut it into strips.
I know it's not very straight, but all you have to do is fringe the edges a little bit and it looks fine.
I wrapped burlap around the wreath, and then used some red tulle ribbon that I had to add a little attitude to it.  I made a bow out of the burlap, and added a piece of greenery that I had.  Here is the finished product.

It literally took 10 minutes, tops.  Love it! Click on the pic for a close up.

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